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Driveway Coventry  –  First-Class Service

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Superior Landscaping Firm Providing ALL Types of Surfacing

Situated in the heart of England and in the boundaries of Warwickshire, Coventry is a viable location for a home with fascinating choices in architectural aesthetics. Like driveways, it is common for homeowners to adorn their properties with a new pathway where they can park their cars on a nicely built garage and driveway.

While putting a new driveway is providing your home with a suitable surface, Coventry Driveway is a business where you can rely on. We provide and build top-quality driveways and patios of different surface types.

With 15 years in providing cost-effective surfacing and resurfacing of driveways in Coventry, our company discovered that every home should have a durable driveway suitable for your area and need. Aside from adding functionality to your home, a driveway makeover has a significant impact on your property’s value. Ultimately, freshly laden driveways built by our specialists create a lasting impression on neighbours and passersby.

Paving, if we look closely, is an important outdoor adornment. Paving for patio, paths, and driveways make use of tarmacadam, concrete, cobblestone, bricks, tiles, stone aggregates, or wood. Blockpaving is a distinct design using slabs and blocks.

If you have never imagined pulling up your car when you get home to a sophisticated pathway, now is the time to achieve the driveway of your dreams using any of these materials. Coventry is a beautiful place to build your home with.

Here at Coventry, transparency is the key. We only quote on a service you received, which includes the groundwork laid on the first day up to the last laying of brick or stone to complete driveways.  You will be confident that there are no surprises or hidden charges just because your agent didn’t disclose everything in the first instance.

Why choose us for your new driveway? There are tons of reasons for that. 

  • We offer a no-obligation quote
  • Our prices for rebuilt and new driveways are affordable
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Complete gallery or portfolio of driveways and patios
  • Guaranteed specialists and best people
  • Longer year guarantee
  • Industry recommended
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“Fantastic Coventry landscaping company”


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Building driveways and more

Coventry Driveway & Patio Pro includes tarmac, gravel, concrete, block paving, and resin-bound driveways. We also do hard landscaping and retaining walls.

As there is no best or worse in our driveway surface type, you have the liberty to choose which suits your budget, design, and appropriability to your property.  Whether the driveway you prefer is tarmac or a resin-bound, the only difference would depend on the materials. Tarmac or tarmacadam, however, is a popular demand for a tarmac driveway as it is more affordable but still possess the durability you need for years. Besides, tarmac is a known material for roads and highways. Tarmacadam is a mix of sand, macadam, and tar. Tarmac, in short, is preferred in airports and wide thoroughfares.

Other homes would prefer block paving for stability and rigidity. Manufactured blockpaving has a reasonable level of price and quality. Driveways made of blockpaving include concrete when installed into a domestic driveway. Blockpaving, more known as bricks, is versatile and good for patios. Blockpaving slabs also come in colour variants.

When it comes to quality, affordability, and durability, you can’t settle for anything less, Coventry Driveway will improve your property’s appearance.

Each surface type has its distinct qualities and offers a set of benefits to every homeowner in Coventry.

You choose block paving if you want a decorative look but cost-efficient, while resin-bound is a little bit sophisticated. Paving is made of blocks or bricks cut according to a geometric style of preference.

Choosing the best type of driveways that suits your taste sometimes becomes a tough decision to make because all types are appealing. This is the reason why our business is here to understand our customers, our clients, and that we install fantastic driveways that will serve them for many years.

Who We Are

We are well-trusted driveways and patio fitters in Coventry. We have earned a reputation in the landscaping industry for many years, upholding our values and commitment to serve residents in the UK, and bringing our business as an example for those who want to earn the same respect.

With all hard landscaping, fencing, patio addition, and driveway installation, we are the name to call. We do our job based on industry’s standards carried out by our loyal contractors, engineers, and builders whose experience in the field is immeasurable.

Driveways & Patio Contractors in Coventry and Warwickshire

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Landscaping Services in Coventry

We Fix What is Broken

At times, property owners in Coventry already have driveways laid in front of their homes. Homebuyers who acquired old homes have old driveways too. Thus, Coventry Driveways & Patio Pro refurbish old or torn driveway and make it new.

Old customers in Coventry would come to us and request to help them have their driveways fixed that have been damaged caused by natural catastrophes. This case, we fervently adhere to our commitment to make your front yard look good as new or as fresh as when it has been laid down the first time.

It’s always our service to ensure that the driveway we built in your property will serve you not a year or two but for many more. And we do this by hiring skilled builders and certified contractors in this industry. We ensure that we only offer quality works, below that is not acceptable.

We are dedicated to building a driveway, patio, or garden path, and we do hard labour on retaining walls and garden landscaping. As for the latter, which require more efficient equipment to uproot heavy roots and dig clutters to eliminate barriers allowing for safe passage of water through drainage and to prevent damaging essential pipings underneath the ground.

Each customer review or feedback is important to us. You can find us at Yell for local businesses across the UK. Coventry is within the boundaries of Warwickshire.

If you want to know more, click the tel no and we’ll attend to your queries.

Serving all Villages and Areas around Coventry
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What Pavement Type Is Right for Your Home?

There are varied surfaces available in the market. But as we have laid out, we proudly believe that any surface type has its unique qualities. Some would choose concrete paving or block paving, some concrete has imprints on to give you different designs.

Resin types are much expensive but they offer a higher level of sophistication when it comes to physical appeal and value for money.

Each surface type built uses different techniques. What a wonder to go home to a place with steel gates and a driveway paved with cobblestones bounded by resin, or a tarmac that seems to emulate a runway.

Some prefer pathways using gravel to achieve a natural and basic look but maintain the stunning look of a neat, new, and fresh driveway.

Call us now or reach out to our office to begin your driveway project with us. Get to experience our comprehensive service by talking to our friendly professionals about your requests. Our team at Coventry will be happy to help.

Pay no fees for asking a quote.

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